New FREAKY BABY video from Bobby Joe Ebola!

It is finally here!!!! The first ever Bobby Joe Ebola music video and first “rap” song! Who’da thunk it?! A booty-rap anthem for the artful, inspiring women who show how being comfortably weird can be both awesome and sexy: “Freaky Baby”.

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The “Freaky Baby” EP is the newest release from Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, the legendary East Bay acoustic duo. Though they are better known to the punk underground as satirical folk-punk anti heroes, they have returned from a decade-long hiatus with a booty-rap anthem for the artful, inspiring women who show how being comfortably weird can be both awesome and sexy: “Freaky Baby”.

The accompanying video, directed by Emmy nominee Bent Lens, is a hilarious and visually arresting tribute to the radical, paradigm-smashing ladies who blaze their own trails, and a sendup of the typical patriarchal imagery in rap videos.

The band is proud to have had the album’s cover art illustrated by East Bay stalwart and self-proclaimed “greedy booty”, Janelle Hessig of Tales of Blarg and Panty Raid.

The video features jaw-dropping choreography and performance by the Bay Area Derailleurs, San Francisco’s badass all-female “bike dance” troupe, promoting bicycle culture and sex-positive art with a playful, take-no-prisoners attitude. Local rap legend Finky Binks makes a cameo, as well as members of the Mystic Knights of the Cobra, fresh off a recent spate of shows in support of the Green Day side project Foxboro Hot Tubs.

The EP also features three exclusive tracks in the band’s traditional acoustic style:

“Don’t Be a Jerk at Work”; a modern ode to office strife, inspired by 1930s vocal group The Ink Spots, and featuring John March Mink (front man for seminal punk band Fleshies) on ghostly backup vocals.
“In the Barrel Slide”; a haunting extraterrestrial lament for schoolyard romance.
“Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?”; an updated version of the Depression-era classic, featuring accordion and vocal accompaniment by Skyler Fell of the Hobo Gobbelins.

Track Listing:
1. Freaky Baby feat. M.K.O.T.C., Bay Area Derailleurs, Oakland Pyrate Punx and Finky Bink$
2. Don’t Be A Jerk At Work
3. In The Barrel Slide
4. Brother, Can You Spare A Dime? feat. Skyler Fell

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