Larry And His Flask joins Silver Sprocket!

The first time I saw LARRY AND HIS FLASK was in back at The Argus Lounge, which doesn’t have enough space for a band to play. They were slamming into the pool tables and jumping off chairs as everyone danced and screamed. The bar closed so we moved the show into the Silver Sprocket office (aka: my basement) where someone jumped off a stand-up bass causing the ceiling light to explode into a shower of sparks over a way to packed crowd for 3am under my house. This was despite my taking down the light-bulbs before they started.

I most recently saw The Flask perform at THE FEST in Gainesville, FL, after I sweet-talked the staff of The Holiday Inn into letting them play in their lobby at 5am for a few hundred punk rock nutjobs still awake and excited for it. Here’s a picture I took before the cops came:


Click this to stream a song from their EP that we’re putting out:

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Ready Your Roommates by Larry And His Flask” dl=”0″]

Here’s the bio that a better writer than me came up with:

Larry & His Flask are like no band I’ve ever seen (which seems to be the general consensus). As soon as Jamin says “Hello everybody we’re Larry & His Flask!” and the first song begins people are glued to the stage. Everyone is watching with smiles and wide eyes. People are looking at their friends shaking their heads with looks on their faces that say: “What the hell is this?!” When all 6 members are on stage they are truly a sight to behold. They play their instruments fast and they play them good. It’s difficult to describe the kind of music they play; they don’t fit into any of the genres found in your neighborhood music shop. Their music sounds like rowdy bluegrass/folk with heavy punk rock roots and a splash of gypsy soul.

We are proud to welcome Larry and His Flask to the Silver Sprocket family with a re-issue of their self released debut 7″ EP.
It won’t be in stores until March, but pre-order online to get yours hot off the press around the middle of Feburary, or get it from the band on their upcoming tour of Canada, or USA tour with Streetlight Manifesto!

Link: Buy the album
Link: Tour Dates
Link: Larry And His Flask on Facebook

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