New Bobby Joe Ebola Video for Poly!

This is only the “clean version” of Bobby Joe Ebola‘s new video for Poly, and it has already been banned by YouTube for sexual content. Whoops… Here it is on Vimeo!

How do we even describe this band, let alone this video? Let’s just say it’s… complicated.

From those legendary libertines of uncomfortable rock, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, comes “Poly”, a wistful look at non-monogamous romance, warts and all. The first video from their latest album, ‘F’ (of which videos are being made for all 13 songs!), “Poly” is as thrilling and confusing as polyamory itself.

Featuring a set of salacious sirens (Gasolina, Gnocci, Rocket and Adora Belle), the talents of Nik Sin and Gothic Hangman, and directed by Mlok Zmatek, “Poly” is an unprotected romp through the briar patch of modern love.

NOTE: To all of our beloved feminists (not sarcasm)…

Please don’t take offense that the female ingénue in the lyrics of this song could be considered to be painted by us (the writers of the song) as reckless and hurtful. Perhaps, do as the rappers say and, “Flip The Scrip”? The young male in the song could just as soon be marked as a nebbish or incapable of an ‘advanced’ relationship.

NOTE #2: This is totally not a true story. No way. Absolutely not… I am not crying. Leave me alone!!!

For more info, visit the Bobby Joe Ebola official website, or join us on FaceBook.

Purchase the new album, F, digitally through iTunes or Amazon, or on LP & CD via Silver Sprocket.

We need a system, because I’m getting confused
A new dictionary for words I thought I knew
Colored socks for hanging on the door
Or maybe you two could scoot on to the floor
& I’ll wear earplugs
& gouge out my own eyes

She’s poly-poly-poly-polyamorous
It’s glamorous and scandalous
She’s poly-poly-poly-polyamorous
What’s a man to do?
She’s poly-poly-poly-polyamorous
The room smells like animals
I’ll carry this candle for you
into the other room

We’re both enlightened; You’re not my property
It’s not a question merely of privacy
But now my old friends come sniffing around
Telling me they heard, and asking if you’re around
I just tell them
take a number, like I do

She’s poly-poly-poly-polyamorous
I thought that I could handle it
She’s poly-poly-poly-polyamorous
She’s doing it all wrong
She’s really more like polysexual
or omni-directional
There’s got to be an ethical expanation
why you’re gone so long

I feel like my heart is handicapped
Or differently abled or whatever
But I don’t know what you mean when you say the word together

Who is this person lying next to me?
Who filled my squirtgun with liquid ecstasy?
What if someone came home and got really depressed?
Attempted squirt-gun suicide just for pretend
Then they had to get up and go to the DMV

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