Andrew Jackson Jihad: The Pillowcase – Back in stock!

Do you hate sleeping alone? Do you hate getting laid? This frivolous merchandise item will solve all of your problems!

If you get tired of touching, flip it over to sleep side by side!

Our most demanded merchandise item is back in stock, but in super limited quantities. OK “limited quantities” sounds like something san infomercial or record label that exploits collector-nerds would say, but here’s the deal: Our friends at Contagious Graphics had to custom build an extra-large screen to print these, its double sided with two colors on each side, meaning four giant heavy pulls that have to be done by hand. This is so labor intensive that we can only get about 100 at a time. This is our 3rd batch, with the previous two selling out in just a few weeks, so if you want one now is the time to get up on it!

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Started Springman Records in 1995 or 96, lost control of Silver Sprocket in 2008. Mostly residing in San Francisco, CA.
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