New Bottle-Openers in stock!

Check out these bottle-openers we just made!

Nation Of Amanda‘s “Puking Cupcake” (in metallic neon), Mitch Clem‘s “Straight Edge For A While” (from Nothing Nice to Say), World/Inferno Friendship Soceity‘s “To Evil” (in metallic silver), and the Silver Sprocket logo (metallic silver).

These fit on your key-chain with the included key-ring and work pretty damn well, and don’t fall apart after a few weeks. I’ve had one on my key-chain for three-months of heavy use (so far) that still works great. Get ’em at the Silver Sprocket Store.

About Avi

Started Springman Records in 1995 or 96, lost control of Silver Sprocket in 2008. Mostly residing in San Francisco, CA.
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