I’m gonna make it through this con if it kills me

dean and finnWe just got back from San Diego ComicCon. What a wonderful trainwreck.

I need a nap so bad, that 8pm to 8am drive home was dumb.

Epic adventure photos are on this here Tumblr if you want to see.

Mega thanks to everyone who visited our booth. I was expecting to do lots of work convincing people to buy things and was blown away by how many folks were already in the know and excited about our bullshit. Thanks too for all the gifts — the unexpected food, coffee and booze kept us alive and I can’t wait to dig into these zines and comics — THANKS!!!

Also heartwarming was how much folks who had never heard of us were willing to take a chance on something new, so if you’re just joining us for the first time, welcome to this Pee Wee’s Playhouse of record labels.

I don’t know much about TV so it was pretty fun when my table-mate Rachel at Mixtape Comics would bring up Wikipedia pages on her iPhone for movie-stars that had just bought stuff, so maybe we will see some Nation Of Amanda shirts on celebrities soon?


Once we get caught up, hopefully next week, I am excited to share news about some new screen-prints with artwork from Aaron Cometbus, Cannon Dill and Liz Suburbia.

Goodnight Sweet Prince,

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