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Check out our gallery at 1685 Haight St, San Francisco, CA, every day from noon to 7pm until they find a “real tenant”

Silver Sprocket

is an art crew, comic and zine publisher, record label, and collection of budz making things while being self sustained disasters out of a bedroom and basement in San Francisco.

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GIRLS by Jenn Woodall

Benji Nate Catboy
Olive makes a wish upon a shooting star that her best friend (cat) Henry can hang out with her like a real human boy then, well, you’ll see

GIRLS by Jenn Woodall

Michael Sweater This Must Be The Place. A Please Keep Warm Collection
A comic about friendship, overcoming depression, finding your place in the world, and also sometimes black metal

Be Your Own Backing Band by Liz Prince

Liz Prince Be Your Own Backing Band
Collection of Liz Prince’s comics from punk rock fanzines

GIRLS by Jenn Woodall

Jenn Woodall GIRLS
Illustrations of badass femmes

Siren School by Isabella Rotman

Isabella Rotman Siren School
Lessons in murdering mansplainers

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Features in the January Previews Catalog

Jan 19, 2018|News|

Diamond's crew was kind enough to Spotlight Michael Sweater's Please Keep Warm collection in the January Previews Catalog. Not sure why Carolyn Nowak's No Better Words isn't available in Canada (where it was printed) or why her name isn't on the listing, but um, ok! Smut is bad, bad stuff, sure.

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Coming Soon:

Ben Passmore – Daygloayhole #1-4
Benji Nate – Lorna
Liz Suburbia – SuperNova MegaCrush
Caroyln Nowak – No Better Words
Ivy Atoms – Pinky and Pepper Forever
Mitch Clem – My Stupid Life
Beau Patrick Coulon – TBA
Noel’le Longhaul – TBA
Nation of Amanda – TBA
Michael Sweater – Please Destroy The Internet
Will Laren – TBA
Erin K Wilson – TBA
Liz Baillie – TBA
James the Stanton – Gnartoons