Thank you to all of the brave Cadets that have supported our fundraising efforts! Because of you we raised the $10,000 we needed to record and release the album ourselves! We know you’re anxious to know the status of our new record! When does it come out? What’s it called? When do donors get their sweet sweet space booty? When we started recording this album back in February we had no idea it would take as long as it has. For a bunch of futuristic space and science guys, we sure underestimated the amount of time and work it was going to take! And we’ve done this three times before! They should revoke our Science & Honor badges at HQ…

But anyway, we wanted to let you know that the album is DONE! That’s right! We’ve recorded every single note of music for every single song that’s going to be carved into the grooves of the vinyl LP that we plan on releasing. The album is going to be called ESCAPE VELOCITY, as chosen by fans through our shameless “$1 = 1 vote” system. Just like real Earth politics, am I right? Hey everyone’s free to vote 2 million times if they want! If you don’t like it, then blame our broken electorate!

We have been working tirelessly for the last 10 months with our intrepid engineer and co-producer Denny Muller at The Static Room in Earth’s Capital Oakland CA to make this the greatest Phenomenauts LP of all time! It’s eclectic, dynamic, and might surprise you with its adventurousness! But when the heck is it coming out??? We are still working out the logistics for this, but it will be out in early 2014. As soon as we figure out the release date you’ll be the first to know! All pre-order and donation packages will be fulfilled! And we will be touring as much as we possibly can all over the United States, Canada and Europe! Maybe even… SPACE????

Please enjoy this short preview video of one of the tracks on ESCAPE VELOCITY. We’ll be releasing more of these every week until the album comes out.

The FutureListenerator 3000: Theme For Oakland
Archival footage from 2012 reveals how amazingly accurate The Professor’s invention, The FutureListenerator 3000 was.

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