Silver Sprocket Interview with =AR7=

What is your full title?

=Alpha Squad Leftenent AR7=

Tell us a little about your programming

I was designed to have the highest level of technology possible so I’m made mostly out of nanites. In fact, I can split into a million pieces and come back together.

You used to play rock and roll for Blammos?

I didn’t, but I’m modeled on a human who plays in the band Blammos.

So they took the most advance human rock and roller to use as the basis for your technology?

They found this guy named Arthur Adams who plays in a band called Blammos, they being Silver Sprocket Labs and Professor Greg of The Phenomenauts, worked together and found this guy, and they modeled me after him.

Have you met him?

No, because I think that might destroy the space time continuum. I look exactly like him, but my abilities far exceed his. And also, I have a metal head.

A few years ago The Phenomenauts had a Theremin playing robot. Am I right to understand that the Theremin is back?

I have a built in Theremin.

Was that installed or did you come with it?

I came with it, standard issue.

We keep upgrading our robots. Are there any cool new programmings or features we should be keeping an eye out for?

Since I am such an advance robot I don’t have a lot of the old robot features, like a robot voice or really mechanical parts. We installed a false robot voice so that people wouldn’t be to alarmed by how human I seem, so we use that effect in the stage show.

My singing voice is modeled on this guy we were talking about before, but amped up to I would say more of a soul-punk kind of scream. That is sort of what my designers were going for.

I am programmed in many forms of booty shaking, and have song writing programming that may be utilized in the future. I don’t have to actually sit down and write the songs, they are always being formed in the cybernetics.

I remember getting the invoice for that, what company was it again? We have so many companies building so many robots, I lose track sometimes.

Was it James Brown LLC Synthetic Laboratories of Paisley Park, MN?

Welcome to the Phenomenauts, we’re glad to have you!

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