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E-mail is best, mailorder@silversprocket.net

We’re on Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram. Learning Twitter.

Mail-order direct

Retail distribution:

Records: Revolver USA, Super D / Alliance. Digital: The Orchard
Zines/Books: Last Gasp, Tony Shenton via Birdcage Bottom Books.

E-mail for wholesale or distributor rates.

Submissions Policy:

We find out about things through friends, but if you’re excited about us, we’re probably excited about you right back.
A personal email with some links would be best.
No attachments please.


Mostly a mess, also a group of buds that makes things and does stuff.

Kind of a “business” in the area of doing our best to make capitalism less terrible for some bands and artists that we love and are friends with. Sometimes adventure and activism.

Nobody is “signed” to this. Artists own their work and call their shots while we try to be helpful and have fun. We are excited to be involved with such rad art and wonderful humans.

If you want to support this, please spread the word.
Being a very tiny basement-operation, word-of-mouth is the primary way people find out about these projects.
You sharing records and zines with friends, posting pictures online and slapping up stickers goes a long way and is appreciated.

Send us mail? Silver Sprocket is at 1057 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA, 94110, USA.
Don’t randomly show up because people live here and that gets weird, but maybe if you contact us first we can get tacos.

We’re on some internet things too like Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook,Bandcamp, and almost Twitter.