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Free Clementine Posters

2016-05-20T08:14:38-07:00Dec 16, 2015|News|

Want a free Clementine poster? We print rad art on the backs of all our catalogs, this is our first with a fancy matte finish. This original artwork was in of our recent “Dealing With It” show at Mission Comics in San Francisco, and is the follow-up to the previous Lauren Monger poster/catalog shown below. Get yours with any [mail-order of Clementine stuff] from Silver Sprocket (or [...]

New work by Lauren Monger

2016-02-12T02:36:33-08:00Apr 3, 2015|News|

New artwork from Lauren Monger on display as part of our Dealing With It art show opening this Saturday April 4th at Mission Comics in San Francisco, running through April 26. Other artists include Andy Warner, Charlotte Drury, Doc Popular, James the Stanton, Janelle Hessig, Josh Frees, Julia Wertz, Lauren Monger, Lindsay Watson, Liz Prince, Melanie Matranga, Michael Friedman, Nomi Kane, Rachel Dukes, and Sarah [...]

Silver Sprocket curates Mission: Comic and Arts

2016-10-27T00:55:17-07:00Mar 24, 2015|News|

Punk-rock art crew and record label, Silver Sprocket, curates Mission Comics in San Francisco: April, May & June, 2015 The Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club, a San Francisco based record label and art crew, will be curating three art shows from April to June, 2015, at Mission Comics and Art, a few blocks from the club’s basement headquarters on Valencia Street. Mission Comics and Silver [...]