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All details are subject to change until the books are printed.
Please contact sales@silversprocket.net for more information or high resolution graphics.

Title: Be Your Own Backing Band
Written and illustrated by: Liz Prince

From Liz Prince, creator of Alone Forever, Tomboy, and Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed?, comes a collection of comics about punk rock.

Often humorous, sometimes poignant, and almost always embarrassing, these autobiographical stories are an essential addition to your LIZ-brary. Enjoy!

$10.00; 7″ x 9″, SC, 64 pages, full color cover, b&w inside pages
SILVER 070; ISBN: 978-1-945509-06-3

Title: tba
Written by: Liz Prince
Illustrated by: Mitch Clem and Nation of Amanda

Exclusive Silver Sprocket pressing of 1,000 copies, only available by mail-order and at comic-book conventions.

March 15, 2017
$3.99; full-color

Title: Squatters of Trash Island
Written and illustrated by: James the Stanton (aka: Gnartoons)

The new off-shore anthropology.

Early copies at the Emerald City ComicCon, March 2-5th in Seattle.

$6.00; 5.5″ x 8.5″, SC, 20 pages, full-color
SILVER 072; ISBN: 978-1-945509-08-7

Title: Magical Beatdown
Written and illustrated by: Jenn Woodall

Hyper-violent Sailor Moon inspired action anime street-harassment revenge fantasy comic.

*Limited eddition art object. Direct sales and indie distribution only.

$10.00; 5″ x 7″, SC, 44 pages, blue and fluorescent pink risograph

*Not final artwork

Title: No Gods, No Dungeon Masters
Written by: Ion O’Clast
Illustrated by: Rachel Dukes
Cover art by: Andy Warner

An analysis of multi-classing between nerd and anarchist subcultures.

$5.00; 5.5″ x 8.5″ SC, 12 pages, full-color
ISBN: 978-1-945509-07-0

Title: Our Best Shot
Written and illustrated by: Anonymous

The inside story of a Supervised Injection Facility operating illegally in the United States against the USA’s disastrous “War On Drugs.”

(3rd revision with full-color cover art)

$5; 5.5″ x 7.5″; SC, 30 pages; full-color cover, b&w inside pages
ISBN: 978-1-945509-12-4

*Not final artwork

Title: Siren School
Written and illustrated by: Isabella Rotman

An update on the mythological femme fatale, in full color.

Early copies at the Toronto Comics and Arts Festival, May 13-14th, 2017.

$5.00; 5.5″ x 5.5″, SC, 20 pages, full-color
SILVER 074; ISBN: 978-1-945509-10-0

*Not final artwork

Title: EXXXS
Written and illustrated by: Tom Neely

18+, details tba.

Premiering at the San Diego ComicCon, July 19-23rd, 2017.

$20.00; 5.5″ x 8.5″, SC, 112 pages, full-color cover, b&w insides
SILVER 075; ISBN: 978-1-945509-11-7

Super Nova Mega Crush

Title: Super Nova Mega Crush
Written and illustrated by: Liz Suburbia

On the heels of her critically acclaimed Sacred Heart graphic novel (Fantagraphics) we present Liz Suburbia’s first foray into full-color comics with Super Nova Mega Crush.

This adults-only 64-page comic tells the story of a blob alien hive-mind making first contact at a Virginia countryside barnyard punk show working up the nerve to ask if the human race would like to engage in casual sex.

SC, 64 pages, full-color, 2017

Title: Daygloahole
Written and illustrated by: Ben Passmore

If Mobius were a misanthropic anarcho nihilist from New Orleans, you’d get Daygloayhole. Provocative, scholarly, hilarious and gut wrenching, in gorgeous full color.

We are ecstatic to re-issues the out-of-print first two volumes followed by brand new comics in the Daygloahole saga.

Brag: Enthusiastic fans include Brandon Graham (Image Comics) and Josh Simmons (Fantagraphics)


Full color comic books, misc length. 2017

*Not final artwork

Title: Unfinished
Written and illustrated by: Tom Neely

Details tba

Premiering at the Small Press Expo, Sept 16-17 in Bethesda, MD.

$12.00; 5.5″ x 7″, SC, 64 pages, full-color
SILVER 073; ISBN: 978-1-945509-09-4

Title: Gnartoons
Written and illustrated by: James the Stanton 

Full color collection of Gnartoons comics. Includes the contents of out-of-print mini-comics, anthology submissions and new originals from this celebrated Seattle indy comics artist.

SC, 120 pages, full color, 2017

Title: Must Hate Must Love Dogs
Written and illustrated by: Micheal Sweater

The first volume of a comic about friendship, overcoming depression, finding your place in the world, and also sometimes black metal.
Start reading now at pleasekeepwarm.com.

SC, 120 pages, full color cover, b&w insides, 2017

Photographer: Beau Patrick Coulon
Title: (TBA) 

Beau takes us with him through the streets, rail yards, and sweaty basement shows of his life in this stunning collection of photographs previously chronicled in his self-released photo-zines General Manifest, Marginal Transience and Terminal Impermanence, along with commentary and unreleased gems.

SC, 120 pages
Full-color and black-and-white photographs, 2017

Artist: Noel’le Longhaul
Title: (TBA)

Noel’le Longhaul makes work that is simultaneously fragile and monumental, derived from the borderlands of the human and the wild, madness and belief, visions, hallucinations, intuition, psychic experiences, and dreams.

This book collects artwork, tattoo photographs, and writings.

Follow Noel’le on Instagram @laughingloone

SC, full-color, 100+ pages, 2017

Written and Illustrated by: Nation of Amanda
Title: (TBA)

Amanda is Tumblr-famous for her viral Nap All Day, Sleep All Night, Party Never sloth and Chub Rub Club illustrations and comics with 100,000+ “notes” each.

This new printed comic tells the autobiographical nine-month long story of making a baby.

Details TBA, 2017

Written and illustrated by: Michael Sweater
Title: Teen Wizard and Other Stories

The entire run of Teen Wizard from the 1,000 page zine Lion’s Teeth collection. It’s like Garfield, but without a cat, and everyone is a wizard, and everyday is Monday, and also it’s nothing like Garfield at all.

150+ pages, full color cover with b&w inside pages, 2017