We Got The Beat

After this weekend’s No On 8 rally in Sacramento, we took the drum bike out for an impromptu parade through midtown.

We annoyed and entertained the shit out of night people all over the grid, ruined traffic, got yelled at by cops, fixed tires, inspired dance parties, got hit on by creepy burrito men, and didn’t get hit by a car once!

This was built by DaveDave and friends from the BirckHouse Gallery and Oak Park Bike Kitchen, a magical place that we’ve spent many afternoons fixing our bicycles and accidentally bleeding on them.  Read on for more pictures and some past videos of this mobile drum-kit in action!

Here is an old video of some people that aren’t us riding the bike around in the daytime:

We also tried to find some bagels in the dumpster, but went to early, and Adam got fruit crap all over his hair, which smelled really good for some reason. We’re so punk punx. Tru Punx!

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