APE escape! Hallowtide! Eoins shiney new broken ribs!

How was everyones Hallowtide? Ours went quite well if i do say so myself. Me and Deputy Danny spent most of the day doing critical mass getting guns pointed at us and getting free burritos. Later on someone actually tied me in Star Wars trivial pursuit in the third most haunted living room in sacramento and we made a rainy trip to space park for reasons Vince is keeping to himself. Then the next morning we all got up bright and early to go to the Alternative Press Expo and the rest is kind of a haze since we got in a car wreck. But lets start earlier.


Adam, Danny, Caitlin, Mickie, Crystal, Annie and myself all met up the next morning at the ungodliest of hours to find Vince’s home planet needed him and he couldent come with us. So we shoved off for San Fransisco, birthplace of sulu and fire, to set up our booth. and what a booth it was!
Drink it in.
People seemed to really dig the Spin Master J.
and a bunch of lucky patrons walked away with a disgusting peice of danny!
Now danny has no more gross ass dreads.
So that was a hoot and then it was time to make our way to the Phenomenauts Zombie Party. and woudlent ya know it a huge fucking bus comes out of nowhere and forces us to hit it. Its all Matts fault. Adam was the only one not wearing his seatbelt kuz hes fucking simple and ended up punching himself in the face while being thrown into the back of the drivers seat. and after some deliberation and math on adding up the pain in my sternum times the fact that the bus weighs 50 times more than the car so no momentum got transfered or absorbed i concluded my ribs might be broken.

R.I.P. Caitlins car
I think god thought we were having too much fun, kuz he also made it start to rain immediatly afterwards. After alot of hub-bub with the paramedics and insurance folks on the phone we eventually made it to the Zombie party. Where a bunch of idiot drunks kept elbowing me in the chest while i was cautiously dancing well away from the pit. You jerks give me more and more reason to hate moshing every show i go to. After the Phenomenauts all i wanted to do was dance with Angel and Anna Marie until there was no doubt that i would be internaly bleeding. But due to Mickies lilly-livered concern for my well being we had to go early. bah!
The next day we only spent about a half hour at APE due to injuries and tow truck punx but mickie crystal and annie seemed to have things under control. We completly sold out of the new “IF YOU PULL ME OVER I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU” stickers on the first day, luckily you can getem in the store still.
If your foolhardly enough to put one of those stickers on your car (a bike club making bumper stickers? lolwut? (carefull cutting can make them attachable to any bike)) send us pictures of it on your transport and well make you a star! Also If you have any pictures from APE or the Zombie party make sure to let us oogle them kuz we are all absent midned photographers and need your help! So more photos from these goin-ons will emerge as we shake em down. For now, let us thank the Great Pumpkin nobody died that we know of.
Also, let us take this oppritunity to be the 16th website to remind you to vote tommorow! Beeblebrox ’08 ftw!

Gona probly go call some hospitals then make sure florida gives Avi back.


=Eoin out=

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One Response to APE escape! Hallowtide! Eoins shiney new broken ribs!

  1. UltraCore says:

    Florida couldn’t hold its Avi and ended up puking me back up all the way to SF. Hope your ribs are feeling better! There is no cure for the fest-AIDS.