Download The Pillowfights discography for free!

When I find out about bands that get me way mega exited I put them on mixes for friends. I’ve put The Pillowfights on many mixes for friends. And I think YOU should put The Pillowfights on mixes for your friends too!

Here is an experiment we’re trying. Right now, right here, you may download all of THE PILLOWFIGHTS songs for free.

Enjoy them yourself, share them with your friends, spread some happiness.

And hey, we won’t complain if you felt like coming out to a show or buying some of their records. The packaging is way mega rad, our prices are low, and you’ll be supporting a great band. And fuck it, let’s make a deal! Get The Pillowfights new EP, full-length CD and a pin – all for $7.98!

Upcoming Shows:
April 6th – Chino, CA @ the warehouse at 12th & G
April 7th – San Diego, CA @ The Ruby Room
April 8th – 10th – Tucson, AZ @ Way Out West Fest
April 11th – TBA
April 16th – San Jose, CA @ Top Secret Location

Link: Download The Pillowfights Discography
Link: The Pillowfights on Facebook
Link: The Pillowfights store at Silver Sprocket

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Started Springman Records in 1995 or 96, lost control of Silver Sprocket in 2008. Mostly residing in San Francisco, CA.
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