I’m just gonna paraphrase Mitch Clem right here

MAR/11: Two posts in one day? I must be DRUNK.

(I am)

Anyway, kiddos! The time has come! THE TIME HAS COME! I’ve been working on this consistently-aforementioned Top Secret Comic Project for so long I literally lost friends over it! SLAVING AWAY over a drawing table, just to bring you (and my fragile ego) into the next stratosphere of punk rock cartooning! Ladies and gentlemen! Without further ado! Allow me to present to you my brand new project, TURNSTILE COMIX!

Here’s the official blurb:

Minneapolis’ Slow Death are a veritable punk rock super group. Comprised of ex-members of such luminaries as Pretty Boy Thorson and the Falling Angels, the Ergs, and the Rest of Us, these gentleman play a familiar style of melancholly, country-tinged midwestern punk of the exceptional quality you’d expect delivered from such seasoned veterans.

And deliver they do! This 7″ features four brand new Slow Death songs so goddamn good it’ll make your parents get back together!

Meanwhile, cartoonist Mitch Clem (Nothing Nice to Say, My Stupid Life) and his watercoloring cohert Nation of Amanda present an original, 40-page comic book illustrating some of Slow Death/Falling Angels frontman Jesse “Swan” Thorson’s craziest road stories!

It’s a team-up for the ages as punk rock band and punk rock cartoonist join forces to try and stop the evil goat-faced demon known as you being bored!


You can also see a preview of the first six pages over at PunkNews (starting maybe tomorrow). It’s basically in the same spirit as the new My Stupid Life stuff. Go figure!

ARG! I’m so excited I just almost wet myself! Please, by all means, head on over to the Mitch Clem Store and preorder a copy. We’re actually gonna do a thing where every single preorder will come with a limited silkscreened bookmark, featuring an illustration of some sort by me, and limited to however many preorders there are. Since I’m infinitely unpopular, it’s sure to be a collectors item limited to all of three people. Be one of the three! Etc!

I hate sales pitches so now I’m done with all this ramblage. But for real, I spent a whole year on this thing, Amanda SLAVED over her watercolors and got these pages looking absolutely beautiful… I’m very proud of this project, and I thank you all for being so patient while I spent all of my time on this and none on drawing MSL comics (or having a social life). Now onto #2! (Anyone know if Ted Leo likes comics?)

Oh boy oh boy! You asked for it, you got it! Well, you may or may not have asked for it. Only a few people asked for it. But it’s here regardless! Only took four fuckin’ years, but that Tigermilks 7″ is actually gonna get pressed on vinyl for real. Bam:

Here’s the press release:

By popular demand! Recorded in 2007, this EP has long been a dirty little secret among fans of cartoonist Mitch Clem, and now, four years later, will finally see the light of day on beautiful baby blue vinyl! The aforementioned Clem provides bass guitar licks and beautiful, dulcet tones, while his friend Jeoaf (O Pioneers’ original drummer) lays down the drum beats and rockin’ guitar tracks. It’s a pop punk celebration of the songs of Belle & Sebastian! YEAH! YOU FUCKIN’ HEARD ME! A four-song pop punk Belle & Sebastian tribute 7″. Better than you’d expect it to be, and a great way to trick your friends into unwittingly admitting to like Belle & Sebastian songs! Limited to 500! Did I mention baby blue vinyl? Order it now!

Yep! Good times. Preorders at the Mitch Clem Store if you’re into it. If you’re not, at least you got to see a drawing of some boobs. Who doesn’t love that?

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