FOC 4/14/24 from Silver Sprocket:

My Body Unspooling by Leo Fox

“My name is Lucille, and me and my body have broken up.”

Lucille and his body are constantly at odds. Lucille is too cold and too resentful for his body, and his body is too warm and too loud for Lucille. It’s time to ask God for a divorce. A minicomic by the author of Prokaryote Season and Boy IslandMy Body Unspooling explores the push and pull between body and mind, and what ties them together.

  • 2023 Ignatz Award Nominee for Promising New Talent.
  • “Kind of a fairytale quest, kind of a casual confrontation with desire. Leo Fox’s illustrations recall illuminated manuscripts like The Book of Kells, but done in a black-and-white, punk zine style.” – The Beat, “Best Comics of 2023” (praise for Prokaryote Season)

Retail: $9.99
FOC Date: 4/14/2024
In-Store Date: 5/15/2024
ISBN: 9798886200430
Product Code: 0324SP451

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PeePee PooPoo #420 by Caroline Cash

Cover of PeePee PooPoo #420 by Caroline Cash.

Caroline Cash’s gay, modern take on the ’60s underground comic continues! Discover the bloody dread of paying your freelancer taxes for the first time. Feel the surreal peace of waking up after your world has ended. Bond over the possibility of puking in the bar icebox. Each issue of the PeePee PooPoo series is a standalone collection and features a cardstock foil cover!
“The energy Cash brings to her comics is palpable, but her more relaxed moments shine the brightest, giving us the rare comic that actually manages to feel cool.” – The Comics Journal
Retail: $9.99
ISBN: 9798886200263
Product Code: 0223SP286

Let’s Get Burgers by Ash S.

This is a comic about a cat named Knife and a dog named Cheddar who are best friends, love burgers, hate capitalism, and are just trying their best, okay? That’s pretty much it. Collects the entire hit webcomic!

“…this book is both an indictment of the way we live and a soothing balm.” – WWAC

Retail: $19.99
ISBN: 9781945509902
Product Code: 0522SP243

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