FOC 6/17/24 from Silver Sprocket:

Putty Pygmalion by Lonnie Garcia

You can’t sculpt someone to love.

Derryl, a lonely radish, attempts to create a boyfriend out of a defunct and now illegal children’s product. His creation, Peter, springs to life ready to make a child happy, and instead finds a suffocating and cloistered existence catering to Derryl’s needs. When Peter sneaks out to a party one night and meets Derryl’s friends, he discovers there’s even more to his creator’s intentions than he thought.

A queer complication on the Pygmalion myth, brought to life through Lonnie Garcia’s emotional, multimedia comic art.

Printed with foil-accented and embossed cover!

  • “Pure eye candy: the mixed-media backdrops and highly stylized characters dance together in perfect harmony to create something completely unique. And at the heart of it, an important lesson in codependency.” – Yugo Limbo, Be Kind, My Neighbor
  • “An eerie but nostalgic comic about being held hostage in someone else’s sadness. A wonderful use of colors and mixed media, digital drawing and analog sculpture collaged with expressive cartooning, captures the unease of someone unable to face reality.” – H.A., The Chromatic Fantasy

Retail: $15.99
FOC Date: 6/17/2024
In-Store Date: 7/24/2024
ISBN: 9798886200423
Product Code: 0524SP570

Bottom’s Up! by Barbara Benas

Cover of Bottom's Up by Barbara Benas.

A story that’s 1 part recipe blog, 1 part comic book, with a dash of sardonic humor, a dollop of existential dread, and a pinch of gig economy camaraderie.

Suzette is an over-kneaded and over-proofed pastry chef, running a cooking blog and doing her best to share whatever culinary wisdom she’s managed to scrape from the city’s top kitchens. Her latest post introduces “interview tiramisu,” a dessert so good it’ll land her a juicy new job opportunity. Yet as she runs all over town acquiring the very best ingredients, why does she get the creeping feeling that everything’s about to go really, really wrong?

Barbara Benas blends forms to create a surrealist recipe blog exploring the pressure of perfection, the anxiety of creation, and what happens when the grind finally wears you down. Published with a cardstock cover and foil accents.

Originally published as part of the 2023 ShortBox Comics Fair.

  • 2024 Minicomic Award Winner for Horror

  • 2024 Cartoonist Studio Prize Shortlist

  • “Deliciously funny, frenetic and full of anxiety, Benas’ cartooning never fails to charm.” – Sloane Leong, Graveneye
  • “With carefully handcrafted ingredients, Benas serves a sweet and acidic eye candy that will get your heart pumping and your mind swirling into a daze. Pairs well with your favorite drink, or chocolate. Consume without caution.” – Jean Fhilippe, Leftstar & the Strange Occurrence
  • “People that break comics love comics the most.” – Taylor Robin, Never Satisfied

Retail: $9.99
FOC Date: 6/17/2024
In-Store Date: 7/31/2024
ISBN: 9798886200492
Product Code: 0524SP569

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The Chromatic Fantasy by H.A.

Jules is a trans man trapped in his life as a nun. The devil that the convent guards against offers him a deal to escape: an illicit tryst and lifelong possession. Jules takes the deal, and begins his new life as a criminal who’s impervious to harm. He soon meets Casper, another trans man and a poetic thief, and together they steal, lie, and cheat their way through bewildering adventures, and develop feelings for each other along the way. But as Jules and Casper’s relationship deepens, so does the devil’s jealous grasp…

A gorgeously drawn graphic novel reminiscent of stained glass and illuminated manuscripts, telling a story of queer transmasc romance, daring adventure, and (literally) fighting your demons.

  • 2024 MoCCA Excellence Award Winner

  • GNCRT 2023 Best Graphic Novels Reading List for Adults

  • 2024 Lambda Literary Award Finalist, LGBTQ+ Comics

“This uninhibited vision enchants.” – Publishers Weekly
Retail: $29.99
ISBN: 9798886200324
Product Code: 0823SP667

Be Kind, My Neighbor by Yugo Limbo

Murder. Love. Cults. Puppets!

A PSYCHEDELIC HORROR, a WHIRLWIND ROMANCE! It begins when cursed troubadour Wegg waltzes into his next podunk and meets Mr. Neighbor, a sweet man made of cloth. Amidst a slew of cult killings and surreal drama, their romance grows—until figures from Wegg’s past reappear to claim him once more.

“Yugo has crafted a textured and tactile world unlike anything else out there, full of songs and killers, cults and strange gods, puppets and transformation, and at the heart of it all a very real and wonderful love story. Read this at all costs.” – Trevor Henderson, Scarewaves

Retail: $39.99
ISBN: 9781945509926
Product Code: 0622SP297

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