Be Your Own Backing Band by Liz Prince

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Punk rock adventure comics by Liz Prince, creator of Alone Forever, Tomboy, and Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed?

Often humorous, sometimes poignant, and almost always embarrassing, these autobiographical stories are an essential addition to your LIZ-brary. Enjoy!

Soft-cover, b&w, 64 pages b&w; 7″ x 9″; 7oz
$10; SILVER #070

ISBN: 978-1-945509-06-3
Diamond: STL065606

Out of print
Being re-issued in full-color

Praise for Liz Prince

In many respects, having punk as a focus gives Prince the ability to tell stories about her relationships, her feelings about gender and how that’s evolved, her feelings about art and her feelings about community. Punk mediates each of these aspects of her personality without her going too far down any particular rabbit hole. It gives her a constraint to work against, which makes her comics more dynamic and interesting. It’s also obvious that writing about punk is an expression of pure joy for her, channeling all of her emotions (positive and negative) onto the page. There will always be a central sweetness to Prince’s work that borders on twee, but this book never crosses that divide.

Rob Clough, High Low

The gags make readers laugh in the moment, but there are insights that stick around long after the book goes back on the shelf.

Oliver Sava and Matt D. Wilson, The Onion AV Club

Prince’s tongue-in-cheek black-and-white line drawings, in a charming style reminiscent of Jeffrey Brown’s autobiographical comics, pack a punch in this empowering memoir that should have ample appeal for any kid who feels like an outsider.