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Silver Sprocket is an independent publisher championing socially conscious and independently produced comic books, graphic novels, and related arts.

When in San Francisco, visit our retail store and gallery, or attend one of our regular educational and community events.

New Releases, Spring 2024:

1018 Valencia St is open from noon to 7pm 🎭 Wear a mask.

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Lucky Cap Scouts Cut-Outs, Print Your Own!

Want to have your own Lucky Cap Scout on your desk, bed, or third place? Well, now you can with this sheet from O Stevens herself! Just print out the sheet and follow the instructional graphic here!

Announcing Bottom’s Up! Coming This July!

We're so, so excited to be publishing another new mini-comic from the twelve we acquired back in November from our open submissions call! The title is Bottom's Up! by Emmy award-winning animator and illustrator Barbara Benas.

Retailer Feature: Skunk Cabbage Books

Our newest retailer feature is on Skunk Cabbage Books in Chicago! What is a skunk cabbage, you might be asking? Well, let Skunk Cabbage's owner Ren tell you all about it in our interview!

Two Mini-Comics to be Published in June!

We're so excited to announce that we're publishing two new mini-comics of the twelve we acquired back in November from our open submissions call! The titles are Lucky Cap Scouts by O. Stevens and Skin Deep by Flo Woolley.

Retailer Feature: Women & Children First

This week's retailer's feature is one of the largest and oldest feminist bookstores still running to this day, it's Women & Children First! This 45-year old stronghold of queer literature in Chicago has stood the test of time and is likely one of the places you think of if you have a picture of a feminist bookstore in your head.

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