Silver Sprocket is a radical indie publisher, art-crew, gallery, and comic shop.

We strive to build a better world without forgetting to have a good time.

Everything is creator-owned with artists calling their own shots and getting complete transparency on all decisions and accounting.

Creators include Abby Jame, Alex Wrekk, Archie Bongiovanni, Ashley Robin Franklin, Ben Passmore, Ben Snakepit, Benji Nate, Caroline Cash, Casey Nowak, Cristy C Road, Dave Baker, Erin K Wilson, Hazel Newlevant, Hyena Hell, Isabella Rotman, Ivy Atoms, James the Stanton, Janelle Hessig, Jenn Woodall, Liz Prince, Liz Suburbia, Meggie Ramm, Michael Sweater, Mitch Clem, Nicole Goux, Olivia Walch, Pseudonym Jones, Seth Katz, and Tom Neely.

Our office/store/gallery has a new address for 2020:

Open daily from noon to 8 p.m.
Temporarily closed due to corona-virus “shelter in place” order

Silver Sprocket
1038 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110

Permanent address for official correspondence:

Silver Sprocket
1057 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110


We accept returns only if we made a mistake on your order, or if you’d like to trade something for a different size of the same item. You’ll have to cover the shipping. Email before sending something back since we don’t keep large quantities of anything in stock and would want to save the size you want to make sure we don’t end up selling it before your return gets here.

For questions about mail-order, inventory, returns, and stuff like that, please email:

Submission policy:

Try self releasing, its lots of fun!

Sell your work in our shop on consignment. (February 2020: Note that while we are moving and building our new space we have put a hold on accepting new consignment as the shop is much smaller. We still love to see independently published comics and art so feel free to share your work and keep in touch as we may reopen consignment in the future.)

Our focus is on indie comics, but we sometimes do other stuff.

If you’d like us to publish your work, the ideal situation is that you’ve already DIY/self-released, and want to collaborate on expanded distribution and marketing.

Most of the books in our catalog were previously self-published before we re-issued them, with the rest coming from experienced creators we already have a working relationship with or whose work we admire.

If the project isn’t done yet, finish making it first, then send us a link or physical copy. We’ve gotta see what it is — as close to finished as possible — to think clearly about what we can contribute in terms of distribution, marketing, or whatever else.

We don’t know how to be editors or want to tell you what to do.
We’re happy to check out your work in progress and let ya know what we think, but you should find your own editor if you’d like to work with one.

avi [at] silversprocket [dot] net

Retail Distribution – Books: SCB Distributors (sells to Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Turnaround UK), Diamond Comic Distributors, Birdcage Bottom Books, Radiator Comics, Spit and a Half, AK Press

Retail Distribution – Records: Alliance / Super D, Revolver USA

International licensing: Amber Garza at Sequential Rights

Anything else: Avi [at] silver sprocket [dot] net

You can also find us on Twitter, FaceBook, and Instagram.