1687 Haight St. Clubhouse events 2019:

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Tiny Splendor + Nobrow Press: November 16th; with Nobrow’s Molly Mendoza, AJ Dungo, and a special lineup of art from Tiny Splendor artists
Millennial Falcon and Friends: November 23rd; In store show with Millennial Falcon (PDX), Sarchasm, Sadgasm, and Needle Beach
Punk Situationism: December 10th; Vyvian Raoul (Dog Section Press) & Winston Smith (Dead Kennedys) reading from Advertising Shits In Your Head
Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me reading: December 13th; readings by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell and more!
Dog Days of Snakepit Book Release Party: December 14th; with music by Fleshies, Tilt Wheel, Silent Era, Sarchasm

2019 comic fests:

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WonderCon in Anaheim, CA: March 29-31st, Booth 913 with artists Ivy Atoms, Blue Hare Comics, and Opal 
Mission Art and Comics Expo in San Francisco, CA: May 5th
TCAF in Toronto, ON, Canada: May 11-12th
Chicago Zine Fest in Chicago, IL: May 16-18th
CAKE in Chicago: June 1-2
ALA Annual in Washington DC: June 20-25 (Booth 1160 w/ SCB Distributors)
SF Art Book Fair in San Francisco, CA: July 19-21
FlameCon in New York, NY: Aug 17-18 – Booth: Pub 17
San Francisco Zine Fest in San Francisco, CA: September 1st
Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD: September 14-15th
CXC in Columbus, OH: September 26-29th
STAPLE! in Austin, TX: October 12-13th
Comic Arts Brooklyn in NY: November 2nd
Short Run in Seattle, WA: November 9th
Comic Arts LA in Los Angeles, CA: December 7-8th

*Awaiting details/confirmation, will attend as civilians if we don’t get a table =)

Let us know about other events we should check out

In 2018 we exhibited at:

Emerald City ComicCon in Seattle, WA: March 1-4
WonderCon in Anaheim, CA: March 23-25, Booth 913
in New York NY: April 7-8, Booth E 184 with Ben Passmore
in Denver, CO: April 14-15 with Ben Passmore & Doggo Studios
San Jose Zine Con in San Jose, CA: April 21 with Ivy Atoms
TCAF in Toronto: May 12-13 with Ben Passmore, Benji Nate, Michael Sweater, Ivy Atoms, Isabella Rotman, Jenn Woodall, Carolyn Nowak, Steve Thueson
VanCAF in Vancouver: May 19-20 with James the Stanton
CAKE in Chicago: June 2-3, Table 231-233 with Isabella Rotman & Jenn Woodall
San Diego ComicCon in San Diego, CA: July 18-22, Booth 1718
San Francisco Zine Fest in San Francisco, CA: Sept 2nd
Rose City ComicCon in Portland, OR: Sept 7-9, Booth 821
STAPLE in Austin, TX: Sept 8-9th with Ben Snakepit
SPX in Bethesda, MD: Sept 15-16 with *everyone*
CXC in Columbus, OH: Sept 29-30
MICE in Cambridge, MA: Oct 20-21 with Erin K Wilson
Short Run in Seattle, WA: Nov 3 with Ben Passmore, James the Stanton
Comic Arts Brooklyn in NY: Nov 11 with Jenn Woodall

2017 Events:

San Jose ZineCon in San Jose, CA: Feb 12th
Emerald City ComicCon in Seattle, WA: March 2-5th #1522
WonderCon in Anaheim, CA: March 31-April 2nd #SP-41
DINK in Denver, CO: April 8-9th
Silicon Valley ComicCon in San Jose, CA: April 21nd-23rd
TCAF in Toronto: May 13-14th #130
VanCAF in Vancouver: May 20-21st #A1
LA Zine Fest in Los Angeles, CA: May 28th
CAKE in Chicago, IL: June 10th-11th #307
San Diego ComicCon in San Diego, CA: July 19th-23rd
KC Zine Con in Kansas City, MO: Aug 26th
San Francisco Zine Fest in San Francisco, CA: September 3rd
STAPLE in Austin, TX: September 9-10th
SPX in Bethesda, MD: September 16th-17th #J1
MICE in Boston, MA: October 21-22nd
Pre-Fest & The Fest in Gainesville, FL: Halloween weekend
Short Run in Seattle, WA: Nov 4th
Comic Arts Brooklyn in Brooklyn, NY: Nov 11th
NOCAZ in New Orleans, LA: Nov 18-19th
BARF in San Francisco, CA: Nov 19th
EBABZ in Oakland, CA: Dec 9th

2016 Events:

STAPLE, March 5-6th in Austin, TX
LA Zine Fest, March 6th in Los Angeles, CA
ZineMELT, March 19th in Los Angeles, CA
MoCCA, Apr. 2-3rd in New York, NY
Emerald City ComicCon, April 7-10th in Seattle, WA
924 Gilman St Zine Fest, April 17 in Berkeley, CA
Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair, April 23rd, Oakland, CA
TCAF: Toronto Comic Arts Festival, May 14-15th in Toronto, Canada
Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE), June 11-12th in Chicago, IL
Heroes Con, June 17-19th in Charlotte, NC
Queer Comics Expo, June 18-19th in San Francisco, CA
CatCon, June 25-26th in Los Angeles, CA
Portland Zine Symposium, July 9-10th in Portland, OR
San Diego ComicCon, July 20-24th in San Diego, CA
Cartoonist-in-Residence @ the Schulz Museum, Sept. 3rd in Santa Rosa, CA
San Francisco Zine Fest, Sept 4th in San Francisco, CA
SPX: Small Press Expo, Sept 17-18 in Bethesda, MD
Sol-Con: The Brown and Black Comix Expo, Oct 13-16th in Columbus, OH
BARF: Bay Area Record Fair, Nov 6th in San Francisco, CA
NOCAZ: New Orleans Comics and Zine Festival, Nov 19th and 20th in New Orleans, LA
EBABZ: East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest, Dec 10th in Berkeley, CA

If you know of an event we should check out, please email mailorder@silversprocket.net