No Better Words by Carolyn Nowak

Carolyn Nowak’s poetic porn comic.

28 pages, full color, 5.5″x8.5″
ISBN: 978-1-945509-17-9; SILVER #080; srp: $5 

No Better Words perfectly captures that painful and addictive state of desire. I love it very much.

Jess Fink

Full disclosure: I love fucky comics. If I can find a comic that’s actually sexy and includes fucking, I’m all about it. No Better Words defies the classification of a fucky comic. It’s incredible sexy and includes some really, really gorgeous sequential sex—Nowack’s fantastic illustration and luscious prose elevate it to fantastic, a comic about sex that almost throbs with tension and desire as you hold it in your clammy palms.

But that description alone also does No Better Words a disservice because it’s not just incredibly sexy but also a wonderfully put together comic. Nowack’s use of colours to build atmosphere and tension is magnificent, and the story at its center is so relatable that it almost hurts. Almost all of us have felt the thrill of a crush, and the anticipation of finally getting to touch the person who we have a crush on. Nowack illustrates that passion, attraction, and ultimate satisfaction perfectly in a way that left me sated but also desperate for more. No Better Words is more of an experience than a read, but it’s also just a lovely book which is a perfect introduction to comics as porn, with her explicit illustrations just as arousing as her use of colour and poetic prose.


Mia Schwartz