The mysterious entity known only as The Secret Headquarters is the subject of our next retailer feature! We’re bringing a spotlight to this secure location that’s rumored to have supplied comic books, zines and other materials to the Los Angeles area since 2005. Before burning this report, read on to find an unclassified interview with Secret Headquarters informant Jules.

An photo of the inside storefront of Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles. Floating stacks and shelves of comics are framed by a bright blue tile floor and warm yellow lightbulbs hanging from a wooden frame ceiling. The words "Comics, Books, Zines" are reflecting from big display windows to the outside, center-left in view.

Interview conducted over e-mail.

Hi there! Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Jules, I’ve been the buyer and manager at Secret Headquarters for almost 13 years. While I read a little bit of everything, my favorite comics are all ages/middle grade/YA graphics novels and anything queer. When not at the shop, I am watching Bravo, eating as many different kinds of potato preparations per day as possible, and hanging out with my three human & two feline children.

Tell us a bit about your shop!
Secret Headquarters has been around for close to 20 years! Originally in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, we are currently in lovely Atwater Village. Our focus has always been on curating the best that comics, books, and zines have to offer. We also publish our own books and zines, as well as making our own pins/patches/air fresheners/whathaveyou, just to make things more difficult and interesting.

What’s your personal origin story with indie comics?
I started reading Big Two comics about 20 years ago. I lived in Austin, Texas for a bit around that time and worked at the legendary Austin Books And Comics, which is where I was first introduced to the likes of Jason, Dan Clowes, Adrian Tomine, and more.

A photo of Secret Headquarters manager Jules in front of shelves of single issue comics streching out behind them. Jules has pink hair, round glasses, a red Cheatin Snakes hoodie on with some brown boots and black jeans.

What makes your shop (and/or crew) unique/special/interesting?
I like to think that the diverse taste of our staff, along with our passion for introducing people to the comics that we love, makes us stand out. While we’re always looking for the newest, raddest stuff out there, we also have a great mix of out of print, rarities, all ages, classics, and mainstream books so we have a little something for everyone.

How has your community been responding to Silver Sprocket’s comics?
We are very proudly a big Silver Sprocket store! Benji Nate’s books, Jenn Woodall’s zines, the PeePee PooPoo series by Caroline Cash, the Fungirl series (we made some great custom bookplates with the amazing and hilarious Elizabeth Pich) all sell super well for us and we love them.

Three vertical wooden shelves showcasing Silver Sprocket comics.

Any (non-Silver Sprocket) comics you’d recommend that our fans should check out?
All Silver Sprocket fans need to read Eden II by K. Wroten, out from Fantagraphics earlier this year [2023]. When I say I laughed and I cried while reading it, I am being very literal! It’s a funny, heartbreaking, philosophical, sci fi conspiracy thriller SLASH trans allegory?! It’s wholly unique and a must-read for anyone looking to get their dang mind blown wide open.

Secret Headquarters is open for comics business everyday from 11 AM to 7 PM at 3137 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039 and you can find them online on Instagram and Twitter as well as Thanks so much for chatting with us, SHQ crew!