We get asked all the time about where to get comics printed and are eager to share helpful information!

Most of our formally published comics are printed overseas in quantities of over 1,000, so we have limited experience with printing small runs, but here are some resources we’ve heard from friends in the comics community.

San Francisco/Bay Area:

Risograph prints and zines:

Tiny Splendor (East Bay)

For photocopied full-color or back-and-white zines:

496 9th Street

San Francisco, CA. 94103
(415) 433.0800
*We like Steve


Keness or Mixam.com – For all sorts of comics, books, magazines, and zines

PsPrint.com – Best for full-color “half size” 5.5×8.5 zines

If you have any other suggestions that we can share, please let us know!