Al Dente is a very bad dog. He wants your unconditional love, adoration, and attention—and obviously, he deserves it. Why would you even ask that? It’s not like you’re so perfect!

A hilarious and caustic comic about stubbornly refusing to grow and dragging the haters down with you.

40 full-color pages; 5.5 x 8″; SRP: $6.99
ISBN 979-8-88620-004-1; Coming October 2022

Dente is always bound to make a mess of things; some people are just bad dogs. It’s elevated and aggravated but it’s still recognizable and relatable. And while I wouldn’t say Al Dente is a comforting read, I think it sends a message. If how you act is considered bad behavior, you aren’t alone. In your anger. In your insecurity. Not alone. Muddled, conflicting desires are something everyone has. Bear paints them on the canvas large.

Arpad Okay, Comics Beat