The As You Were series features contributions from comic book and web-comic artists active in punk rock communities from around the world.

Curated by Mitch Clem (Nothing Nice To Say / My Stupid Life), the second issue’s theme is “The Pit” with 80 pages of brand new content from 25 artists:

Adrian Chi, Andra Passen, Andy Warner, Ben Snakepit, Brad Dwyer, Brian Connolly, Corey Parkhill, Jim Ketter, Jed Collins, Jason Oberbichler, Liz Prince, Marcos Siref, Meg, Mel, Mike Funk, Mitch Clem & Nation Of Amanda, Rachel Duke, Ramsey “Everydaypants” Beyer, Rick V, Rob Cureton, Sarah Graley, Steve Larder, Will Laren and Ben Sears.

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