Daygloayhole One by Ben Passmore

2020-04-07T01:39:30-07:00Apr 7, 2020|Comics|

How’s your post apocalypse going? This is the best the end of the world gets. Social and political commentary mixed with punk nonsense and gore drawn in vibrant florescent colors.

You Can Try Again by Olivia Walch

2020-04-05T00:32:47-07:00Apr 5, 2020|Comics|

"...a well-informed vision of the future that shrugs off any useless cynicism. Technology grows more powerful, but so does our appreciation for human emotion." - Casey (fucking) Nowak

No Romance in Hell by Hyena Hell

2020-03-29T08:18:42-07:00Mar 29, 2020|Comics|

Dating under "social distancing" is rough, just wait until you get to hell! For today's free comic, disappointment, disintegration, and hilarity ensue in this brimstone-infused roasting of modern romance.

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