Ben Snakepit has drawn a three-panel comic strip about his day, every single day, since 2001.

This new book compiles the three years of comics from 2016-2018, seeing Ben through the loss of his beloved Peeber and getting to know Frankie, in the low-fi style that he’s known for.

6″ x 9″; 288 black-and-white pages; soft-cover;
ISBN: 978-1-945509-40-7;
Diamond: AUG192198
SRP: $25.00

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I tell everybody to read Snakepit. It doesn’t matter where you jump in. Any new Snakepit book is cause for great celebration! There’s not much in life I look forward to as much as I look forward to reading more of Ben’s work, and I feel so goddamn lucky that he’s brought so much greatness into the world!

Jeffrey Lewis

Ben’s shitty comics have created a book that’s impossible to put down, with lessons usually reserved for more pretentious art.

Jenny Sommerville, VICE