The definitive collection of Sam Szabo’s “ETC” comics series, serving up a psychedelic stew of social satire and gonzo gender theory!

The year is 2023. The astral plane has entered a tailspin. Fortunately, an ancient cosmological entity is on a mission to spread her fluidity across the galaxy. Our raw, uncut heroine roams the wasteland in defense of trans rights and trans wrongs. Will the Enlightened Transsexual convince humanity to chill out at last? Or will the planet choke on her filthy gags?

128 full-color pages; 7 x 9”; SRP: $24.99
ISBN 979-8-88620-017-1; Coming May 2023

“Super cosmic gender satire with sexy wordplay for all body-bound beings and beyond!”

Lale Westvind, Grand Electric Thought Power Mother

“Subversive, cerebral, and most of all hilarious comix from America’s favorite futch slob It Girl. Enlightenment awaits you, dear reader!”

Gina Wynbrandt, Someone Please Have Sex With Me

“This comic made me laugh out loud more than any other in recent memory. Sam demonstrates, with impeccable comedic timing, the many spectrums of what it means to be human, the loopy quantum physics of gender, and questions of what it means to exist as suffering souls trapped in our ever-changing flesh bags.”

Alex Graham, Dog Biscuits