At 1018 Valencia St

Free and open to the public unless otherwise noted

Sept 16 (Sat), 6pm
Cam Marshall release party and readings for Matchmaker with special guests TBA

Sept 17 (Sun), 12pm-3pm
Illustoria‘s Issue 21: Humor release party

Sept 17 (Sun), 7pm-9pm: Tori’s movie night presents Repo! The Genetic Opera

Sept 21 (Thurs), 6-10pm: Sketchies hosted by Sarah Maloney

Sept 23 (Sat), 7-10pm:
Folsom themed comics reading with Archie Bongiovanni and friends

Oct 20 (Fri), 6:30pm:
Silver Sprocket presents Comics in the City with Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki
*At the CCA Auditorium, 350 Kansas Street, San Francisco, CA, 94103

Nov 10 (Fri), 7pm:
MS Harkness, Caroline Cash, and friends TBA

Interested in having an event at Silver Sprocket?
Please email

Monthly events at 1018 Valencia St:

3rd Thursdays from 6pm-10pm: Sketchies! a monthly drawing night hosted by Sarah Maloney ($5 Suggested, NTAFLOF)

Here is how it works:

1) you come and draw a one page greyscale comic on a 5.5×8.5″ paper
2) Turn in your art to Maloney plus the sliding scale fee by the end of the night
3) come back next month and pick up your copy of Sketchies, a zine that’ll include everyone’s one pager.
Only people that turn in a comic will get a copy, no extra copies are made or sold!

3rd Sundays from 7pm-9pm: Tori’s Movie Night!

A curated movie night hosted by Tori Bowler with free refreshments and good vibes!

This month’s (September 17th) theme is Fall Frights! And the movie is Repo! The Genetic Opera!

Interested in having an event at Silver Sprocket?

Please email

Past Conventions!


Toronto Comic Arts Fest June 18-19

SF Art Book Fair July 14-17

San Diego ComicCon July 20-24: Booth 1632

Autopic (Minneapolis) Aug 13-14

SF Zine Fest Sun Sept 4th

Small Press Expo (Bethesda, MD) Sept 17-18, Table J1-J2

Comics Crossroads Columbus Oct 6-9th

Short Run (Seattle) Nov 5


WonderCon in Anaheim, CA: March 29-31st, Booth 913 with artists Ivy Atoms, Blue Hare Comics, and Opal
Mission Art and Comics Expo in San Francisco, CA: May 5th
TCAF in Toronto, ON, Canada: May 11-12th
Chicago Zine Fest in Chicago, IL: May 16-18th
CAKE in Chicago: June 1-2
ALA Annual in Washington DC: June 20-25 (Booth 1160 w/ SCB Distributors)
SF Art Book Fair in San Francisco, CA: July 19-21
FlameCon in New York, NY: Aug 17-18 – Booth: Pub 17
San Francisco Zine Fest in San Francisco, CA: September 1st
Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD: September 14-15th
CXC in Columbus, OH: September 26-29th
STAPLE! in Austin, TX: October 12-13th
Comic Arts Brooklyn in NY: November 2nd
Short Run in Seattle, WA: November 9th
Comic Arts LA in Los Angeles, CA: December 7-8th


Emerald City ComicCon in Seattle, WA: March 1-4
WonderCon in Anaheim, CA: March 23-25, Booth 913
in New York NY: April 7-8, Booth E 184 with Ben Passmore
in Denver, CO: April 14-15 with Ben Passmore & Doggo Studios
San Jose Zine Con in San Jose, CA: April 21 with Ivy Atoms
TCAF in Toronto: May 12-13 with Ben Passmore, Benji Nate, Michael Sweater, Ivy Atoms, Isabella Rotman, Jenn Woodall, Carolyn Nowak, Steve Thueson
VanCAF in Vancouver: May 19-20 with James the Stanton
CAKE in Chicago: June 2-3, Table 231-233 with Isabella Rotman & Jenn Woodall
San Diego ComicCon in San Diego, CA: July 18-22, Booth 1718
San Francisco Zine Fest in San Francisco, CA: Sept 2nd
Rose City ComicCon in Portland, OR: Sept 7-9, Booth 821
STAPLE in Austin, TX: Sept 8-9th with Ben Snakepit
SPX in Bethesda, MD: Sept 15-16 with *everyone*
CXC in Columbus, OH: Sept 29-30
MICE in Cambridge, MA: Oct 20-21 with Erin K Wilson
Short Run in Seattle, WA: Nov 3 with Ben Passmore, James the Stanton
Comic Arts Brooklyn in NY: Nov 11 with Jenn Woodall


San Jose ZineCon in San Jose, CA: Feb 12th
Emerald City ComicCon in Seattle, WA: March 2-5th #1522
WonderCon in Anaheim, CA: March 31-April 2nd #SP-41
DINK in Denver, CO: April 8-9th
Silicon Valley ComicCon in San Jose, CA: April 21nd-23rd
TCAF in Toronto: May 13-14th #130
VanCAF in Vancouver: May 20-21st #A1
LA Zine Fest in Los Angeles, CA: May 28th
CAKE in Chicago, IL: June 10th-11th #307
San Diego ComicCon in San Diego, CA: July 19th-23rd
KC Zine Con in Kansas City, MO: Aug 26th
San Francisco Zine Fest in San Francisco, CA: September 3rd
STAPLE in Austin, TX: September 9-10th
SPX in Bethesda, MD: September 16th-17th #J1
MICE in Boston, MA: October 21-22nd
Pre-Fest & The Fest in Gainesville, FL: Halloween weekend
Short Run in Seattle, WA: Nov 4th
Comic Arts Brooklyn in Brooklyn, NY: Nov 11th
NOCAZ in New Orleans, LA: Nov 18-19th
BARF in San Francisco, CA: Nov 19th
EBABZ in Oakland, CA: Dec 9th


STAPLE, March 5-6th in Austin, TX
LA Zine Fest, March 6th in Los Angeles, CA
ZineMELT, March 19th in Los Angeles, CA
MoCCA, Apr. 2-3rd in New York, NY
Emerald City ComicCon, April 7-10th in Seattle, WA
924 Gilman St Zine Fest, April 17 in Berkeley, CA
Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair, April 23rd, Oakland, CA
TCAF: Toronto Comic Arts Festival, May 14-15th in Toronto, Canada
Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE), June 11-12th in Chicago, IL
Heroes Con, June 17-19th in Charlotte, NC
Queer Comics Expo, June 18-19th in San Francisco, CA
CatCon, June 25-26th in Los Angeles, CA
Portland Zine Symposium, July 9-10th in Portland, OR
San Diego ComicCon, July 20-24th in San Diego, CA
Cartoonist-in-Residence @ the Schulz Museum, Sept. 3rd in Santa Rosa, CA
San Francisco Zine Fest, Sept 4th in San Francisco, CA
SPX: Small Press Expo, Sept 17-18 in Bethesda, MD
Sol-Con: The Brown and Black Comix Expo, Oct 13-16th in Columbus, OH
BARF: Bay Area Record Fair, Nov 6th in San Francisco, CA
NOCAZ: New Orleans Comics and Zine Festival, Nov 19th and 20th in New Orleans, LA
EBABZ: East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest, Dec 10th in Berkeley, CA