Noah and Calla are high, hungry, and should probably go outside. Unfortunately, the outside sucks. You can’t even get a burger without the whole place almost burning down! 

Michael Sweater combines ’90s animation nostalgia, sitcom antics, and a seasoning of stoner comedy in this new series.

32 full-color pages; 6.625″ x 10.187″; SRP: $4.99
ISBN: 979-8-88620-008-9; Diamond: NOV221818

There was a time that wasn’t too long ago and yet feels like forever that a particular type of indie comic was a dime a dozen. We’re talking about slice-of-life comics starring outsider types slacking off and embarking on humorous misadventures. Those comics have become increasingly rare, as the direct market caters to superhero readers. Even most larger independent publishers rely primarily on licensed comics based on large franchises to stay afloat. Meanwhile, the bookstore market primarily targets YA readers. For that reason, Michael Sweaters’ Everything Sucks #1 from Silver Sprocket looks like a fresh take on a dying breed, obviously inspired by its genre predecessors but also taking cues from the kind of subversive ’90s animation that went hand-in-hand with those alt-comics. Starring a couple of stoners living in a world where, as the label says, “everything sucks,” comics like this now seem an increasing rarity. If they’re your jam, don’t miss this.

Jamie Lovett,