Mel imagines collaborating with other artists in a vibrant community, honing her craft, and becoming an accomplished artist. But it turns out that art school isn’t quite the same in real life. Based on the author’s experience attending art school in the early 2000s, this funny, heartfelt book will resonate with anyone with a youthful dream—or a DeviantArt account.

200 full-color pages; 6” x 6”; ISBN: 979-8-88620-015-7; SRP: $24.99; Release date: 03/08/23

“Mel Stringer’s art and storytelling talent shine in this brilliant, beautiful graphic memoir that’s both personal and universal: the time somebody starts to become their true self. Her brilliant artwork and storytelling are somehow both intensely personal and universal, as well as funny, poignant and real. The more you look at Mel Stringer’s work, the more you see, and the more you realise what an awesome talent she is.”

Kaz Cooke

“Mel Stringer’s coming of age story shows us to look for beauty in the most simple things, how to find home in an unfamiliar place and learn it’s never too late to find our own path.”

Fran Meneses/Frannerd