What’s everyone doing later?
Some creatively named Facebook events?

This book is about how a particularly chaotic 24 hours impacts a group of girls, and what they each get up to over the course of the night.

64 pages, full color, 8.5″x11″ SRP $10
ISBN:  978-1-945509-36-0
Diamond: MAY19190
Published: 2019


“As a comic publisher, Silver Sprocket border upon being a miracle. Small press comics press typically have an outstanding array of talent with very few dollars, if any, to draw attention towards that talent. Silver Sprocket has consistently managed to publish affordable new comics with a quality that makes them stand out in any comics scene. Caroline Cash’s new work Girl in the World is the next step in that increasingly reliable narrative. The 64-page original graphic novel traces a group of young women through the course of a single day that’s anything but ordinary. Cash’s use of color and layouts is unlike anything else readers will find on the stands this week. They make the entire reading experience immensely rewarding, and will likely appeal to readers who recall growing up in a city (not the suburbs) with electrically-charged buildings, lampposts, and even streets. This new comic is brimming with energy and life sure to impress any readers who take a step off the beaten path of American comics.”

— Chase Magnett, comicbook.com