As Boyz II Men sang, “it’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.”

It’s hard to say goodbye to love, to friends, to ourselves. Our identity is a myth we make. We were early at a party, early enough to miss all those pretentious kids that knew about Catharsis before you. You had a long hard day making protest fliers with all the A’s circled and you just want to makeout with the new punks and practice reciting early Amiri Baraka with the only other black punk there.

Okay, maybe this is just my myth…In time we have to say goodbye to all the truths we were convinced of so that we can acclimate to the ever changing world. You can get a credit card with an Anarchy symbol on it now, weird right? Our End is neigh but maybe it’s not such a big deal? Maybe there’s a sunshine after the rain.

The comic Goodbye by Ben Passmore is comprised of three vignettes: A myth about polyamory, a parable about real punks, and an argument for aging gracefully/ killing yourself.

88 pages, 4 x 5.5 inches


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Praise for Goodbye

Ben Passmore‘s Goodbye feels like a Freudian nightmare wrapped in a shaggy dog joke but the punchline is deadly

Sophie Goldstein

What I like about Ben’s comics is that his stories are born out of a questioning, restless mind with an interest in exploring the messiness of individual and community life within a harsh world. Goodbye is his most probing and insightful work yet.

Whitney Taylor