A wildly imaginative fantasy graphic novel about the responsibilities of creation.

Leftstar can’t seem to access the world they’ve been building. They also haven’t slept in a long time. These things are almost certainly unrelated, and they should really go get the mail, anyway. But their trip to the post office is interrupted by a curious visitor: an enormous fruit bat. Whisked away in the bat’s claws, Leftstar is taken on an adventure to unblock the path to their deserted creation. Between bites of pie and words of wisdom, can Leftstar remember the most crucial part of invention?

Find out in this chill and cozy story, potentially familiar to those who find themselves trapped outside of their own worlds.

80 full-color pages; 7″ x 10”; SRP: $15.99
ISBN 979-8-88620-031-7; Coming November 2023

“Gorgeous lifework and relaxed pacing add warmth to this lovely allegory of creative anxiety.”

Reimena Yee, The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya

“Traveling through the pages of this book feels like revisiting a past and peaceful dream, full of hidden places and forgotten friends, guided by the dazzling lines of Jean Fhilippe.”

Loic Locatelli Kournwsky, Flavor Girls