Snail Diaries collects the very best of the hit weekly diary comics by Grace Gogarty, aka Little Tunny! Lovingly drawn on scraps of paper and broken laptops, Little Tunny documents the highs and lows of living with pets, working customer service, and simply trying to exist as a person in modern society. Hilarious, sweet, and sometimes entirely too real for a comic starring a snail.

Presented in a deluxe hardcover, with diary lock and key!

160 full-color pages; 6.5″ x 6.5″; SRP: $24.99
ISBN 978-1-945509-84-1; Diamond: APR221809
Coming June 2022

“Gogarty’s comics are a gift. A true autobio gem, Snail Diaries is hilarious, comforting, and very real. Like all of Gogarty’s work, it stayed with me a long time after I read it.”

Miranda Harmon, Mayor Good Boy

“Grace Gogarty’s titular Snail lives in a world of perpetual catcalls, baffling customer interactions, screaming strangers, and precocious pets—an absurd slice of life diary lovingly rendered in a grotesquely adorable explosion of color and extreme emoting. This book inspired me to kiss my cat & then lay on the floor for 45 minutes (in a good, chill way).”

Caitlin Rose Boyle, Jonesy

“Grace Gogarty’s work is everything that’s wonderful about the modern autobio comic and more—their comics are bursting with color, absurdity, honesty, and hilarity.”

Shan Horan, Bouquet

Gogarty’s art is a seamless joining of opposites. Simple and complex. The adorable with the grotesque. Hilarity with heartbreak. All wrapped up in Gogarty’s vibrant color palette.  They are able to balance the above contrasts with their skills in drawing expressions and character design. They can do a great deal of characterization with sparse lines over their snail-self’s eyes and then in the next panel draw an incredibly detailed reaction including eye crusties and wrinkles. Some might find all the details gross, but I find it’s part of the fun.