Lorna’s like any other girl—she loves cats, she’s incredibly awkward, and she won’t hesitate to pull a knife on those who displease her.

From CATBOY creator Benji Nate, LORNA follows the malicious yet charming Lorna as she learns about fashion, friendship, and romance, with a generous helping of murder.

54 full-color pages; 6.25 x 8.5″; SRP: $10
ISBN: 978-1-945509-34-6 Diamond: FEB191963
Published: 2019

“Lorna takes slice-of-life comix and gives it a righteously savage twist of the blade. Here’s a bit of math for you: Think Gummo meets Nancy and you’re about there. It’s adorable, it’s depraved, it’s… oh, heck, it’s wonderful.

Benji Nate’s gnarly new strip is getting a killer reprint from those A-OK art brutes from San Francisco, Silver Sprocket. Acquire vital life advice from Lorna as she navigates the barren wastes of contemporary life, where fools get knives pulled on them and cats are the only things we can rely on.”

— Jarrod Jones, Doom Rocket