Meet Alex: an internet-addicted millennial raccoon and his misadventures in the big bad city. Loudest and Smartest collects over 350 pages of Loud and Smart by Alex Krokus, featuring comics about punks, horrible couples, love, jobs, and the disgusting depths of viral videos.

360 full-color pages; 8.5 x 8.5”; SRP: $29.99
ISBN 978-1-945509-98-8; Release date: 10/19/22

“I feel like I cracked a millennial’s skull open and am looking at his brains. But in a good way.”

Ben Passmore, DAYGLOAYHOLE, Your Black Friend and Other Strangers

“Funny and relatable, Alex’s work brings a fresh and unique edge to comics that will leave you laughing out loud.”

Sarah Anderson, Sarah's Scribbles

“Each short comic is like being let in on an inside joke, but when taken together they become more than the sum of their parts; they show a profound love and appreciation for the weirdness of the world.”

Molly Ostertag, The Witch Boy

“Reading Alex’s comics is like spending the day with your chillest and funniest friend. The art and comedic timing are lowkey perfection, but it’s the warmth at the heart of it all that really stands out.”

Liz Suburbia, Sacred Heart

“Krokus digs deep into the humor of discomfort and depression to create a series of gag strips where we laugh not because we also know the timely cultural reference but because we are well versed in the anxiousness of living in an era of uncertainty and cynicism.”

Robin Enrico, Broken Frontier