Hyper violent street harassment revenge fantasy in the style of Sailor Moon about about an average video-game loving schoolgirl who transforms into a foul-mouthed and rage-fuelled Magical Girl when provoked.

Watch in awe as she swiftly disposes of street harassers and mutant creeps with her impressive array of magical weapons.

Printed in fluorescent pink and blue ink on thick matte cover-stock.

Volume One:
32 blue and pink pages; 5″ x 7″; SRP: $6;
ISBN: 978-1-945509-31-5; Diamond: DEC182039

Volume Two:
44 blue and pink pages; 5″ x 7″; SRP: $8;
ISBN: 978-1-945509-25-4; Diamond: JAN192082

Volume Three: Coming 2021

Distribution: Diamond, Birdcage Bottom, SCB, Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Disburst, or direct

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“Magical Beatdown deploys violence in a very satisfying way, and that, coupled with Jenn’s gorgeous illustrative style made this book a clear winner.”

— 2018 Doug Wright , Spotlight Award

“-a breathtaking minicomic, both in its beauty and in its violence.”

— Anne Bean, Bitch Media

“Don’t mistake her characters for your typical manic-pixie dream girls, because they’ll kick your ass.”

— David Hains, Torontoist

“Magical Beatdown is the most disgusting hot pink comic that has ever been printed. And by that, I mean that it’s excellent. It’s about a mousy, not-so-mild-mannered girl named Fujiko who has a secret life as a gory avenger. She has a typical magical girl transformation—girls, hearts, wands—but with 100% more spikes and blades, which she puts to good use in systematically dismantling boys who are up to no good. Wait, dismantle, that’s a little too clean. What Fujiko does is more like outright slaughter, shredding limbs from bodies, tongues from mouths, using removed body parts to bludgeon yet more boys. It’s like a feminist, fuck you, Riki-Oh—or, like a really great fighting game where the heroine need not make any concessions to modesty, good taste or, mercy.

It’s a risk-printed comic that makes great use of that hot pink that’s so goddamn hot right now (everywhere, it’s everywhere!). When Fujiko is living her normal life, the comic is all in a sedate blue. When she’s geared up for a magical beatdown it flips over to hot pink. The transition page, her magical girl transformation sequence complete with ribbons, flower petals and background glitter, is the only page you’ll find purple in this comic, a neat gradient of colour as character, as mood, as transformation. Battle pages are so intensely pink it’s unforgiving, the feminine gone fatal. Her absolute destruction of a scummy street gang glows, the colour so hot the page burns combined with non-stop ultra-violence. The boss battle against a tentacled slime-monster is unsubtle and so satisfying. But everything about Magical Beatdown is satisfying. Fukjiko’s absolute lack of fucks, both in her regular and magical life, is glorious. Her absolute domination in a fight is gratifying. Magical Beatdown is all your mean fantasies about retaliation come to life—and it’s fantastic.”

— Megan Purdy, Women Write About Comics