The beloved webcomic collected in its entirety for the first time in a beautiful deluxe edition!

Author Alec Robbins is deeply in love with his wife, 1930s cartoon superstar Betty Boop. And wouldn’t you know it, she loves him back! It’s the perfect marriage, and nothing will ever go wrong. They’ll be happy together forever and nothing will ever come between them—not other famous cartoon characters, not intellectual property law, and certainly not Alec’s own towering insecurities. Basically, they’re just both really happy together and everything’s good and nice and that’s the end of it. No more questions. Don’t even bother reading this comic.

Absurdist humor, a middle finger to corporate IP, and a sweetly romantic heart blend together into one of the most inventive comics of the Twitter age.

2022 Ignatz Award Winner for Outstanding Collection

384 b&w pages; 8″ x 8″; SRP: $39.99
ISBN 978-1-945509-80-3; Diamond: MAR221892

Mr. Boop is one of my favorite things. It is so, so funny and takes so many unexpected turns. Will read this over and over.”

Tim Robinson, I Think You Should Leave

“The new best way to read the best comic I read in 2020.”

Scott Meslow, The Verge

Mr. Boop is everything I’ve always wanted comics to be: funny, inventive, and also non-fiction about being married to Betty Boop. Alec is truly living the dream. (That means his life is great, not that any of this didn’t happen!!)”

Ryan North, Dinosaur Comics

Mr. Boop is a Tijuana Bible for the Twitter age, racy and absurd and a jab in the eye of every intellectual property law in existence. It’s also the most romantic comic strip of the year.”

Kayleigh Hearn, Comic Critic

“I am very, very jealous of Alec’s abilities as a cartoonist.”

Casey Nowak, Girl Town, No Better Words

“One of the most exciting webcomics of 2020.”


“It’s smart, but also mostly deranged.”

Kevin Nguyen, The Week

“An X-rated Who Framed Roger Rabbit for the digital age.”