All of Ben Snakepit’s comics for Razorcake magazine, collected into one definitive volume! Spanning from 2003 until 2020, Snakepit covers the essentials of DIY punk life, from show reviews and scene reports, to the basics of touring on the cheap and making friends on the road, to falling in love and eating pizza he found face-down on the street.

Offered with retrospective footnotes from the artist, this collection shows the growth and change of one punk’s perspective.

112 b&w pages; 6″ x 9″; SRP: $11.99
ISBN 978-1-945509-79-7; Diamond: DEC211844

“Dripping with a glorious bong water-stained aroma, Ben Snakepit’s comics are genuine, true, informative, slightly stinky, hilarious, and punk as hell. I love this man’s work!”

Jim Mahfood, Tank Girl

“It isn’t because Ben is a musician that the word rhythm comes up when describing his comics. When reading a Snakepit collection there is a rhythm that sucks you in and guides you in a steady pace. It’s a perfect pace that keeps you locked in a groove and makes you lose sense of running time. I felt it and I’ve seen it every time I’ve brought a Snakepit collection in the van and had a bandmate say ‘oh cool, new Snakepit’ and silently devour the entire thing. Each page is another piece of candy that you maybe told yourself was your last until you finish your bag. For this reason, per Ben’s reading location suggestion, many a leg has gone numb whilst reading atop a toilet bowl. I will always look forward to those pins and needles of waking my legs up.”

Mike Wiebe, Riverboat Gamblers