Our Best Shot by Anonymous 

This comic-book is the first hand account of a Supervised Injection Facility operating illegally in the United States against the disastrous “War On Drugs.”

Despite needle exchange programs of questionable legality scattered throughout the country, drug policy in the United States remains a horrifically immoral mess, costing thousands of lives and millions of dollars every year.

Our politically motivated drug policies are divorced from shared goals of helping users get off drugs, improving public health and safety, rehabilitation, and crime reduction.

Supervised Injection Facilities are proven to save lives, save money, prevent crime, and serve as a gateway to treatment throughout the “developed world,” yet remain illegal in the United States.
This comic is the true story of one such secret facility.

This is NOT an example of what injection facilities would look like in a legal and professional setting. This is not a guide on how to start your own underground SIF.

This is the human side of drug users helping fellow drug users as best as they can.

full-color cover, 30 b&w pages, 7.5″ x 5.5″, saddle-stitched
ISBN: 9781945509124; SILVER #067; srp: $5 (sliding scale)

Purchase: Silver Sprocket store

The comic is didactic and political and wears its bias on its sleeve. It’s a messy, wordy, unwieldy piece of work.

It may also be one of the most important books I’ve read in awhile.

Daniel Elkin, Comics Bulletin

A fascinating look at addiction and America’s corrosive drug policies.