The stand-alone follow up to Michael Sweater’s cult hit Please Destroy My Enemies that BoingBoing called “darlingly ironic and awful” is now available!

Featuring such new characters as Karate Dad, man who hates computers, and the feral girl. This book is sure to please anyone who hates Twitter, the government, or just themselves.

64 pages full-color; 6″ x 6″; SRP: $10.00;
ISBN: 978-1-945509-21-6; DIAMOND: FEB181779;
Published 2018

“Michael Sweater is a very good cartoonist. I’ve enjoyed many of their strip cartoons on the internet; whether it’s the cute, cynical, and cuddly critters of Please Keep Warm or the nihilistic sweetness of Please Destroy My Enemies, Sweater really has a comic for every one of my moods. Their newest Silver Sprocket release is a collection of new strip comics called Please Destroy the Internet, which, just like Please Destroy My Enemies before it, is here to make you feel warm in the knowledge that everyone else thinks being alive sucks just as much as you.

Sweater deals in simplistic, stylised cartooning which jumps off the page, whether coloured in primary or pastel palettes. Please Destroy The Internet is the kind of book which immediately makes you feel less alone, even if it’s just because the bleak humour about the mundanity of existence speaks to you on a profound level. Sweater is really fucking good at balancing existential crises and cute shit that gives you hope, which means Please Destroy The Internet never becomes draining or overwhelming. That makes this the perfect book to flick through when you have a quick minute or pore over when you’ve a whole bunch of time. It’s a pleasure to read, and I’ve already reread it multiple times since I first opened it. There’s an optimism in Sweater’s outlook that I desperately needed but hadn’t realized until I opened Please Destroy The Internet.”

–Rosie Knight, Women Write about Comics