Lieutenant Left is barely scraping by at her maintenance job on a lonely, two-lizard mech crew. Every day seems just as monotonous as the last, until disaster strikes Commander Right on a routine mission. Now it’s up to Left to step up, or risk being stranded in space… with nobody around except her hot crewmate for millions and millions of miles.

Cartoonist Iggy Craig’s debut graphic novel, Sad Girl Space Lizard is a queer mech action romance (for lizards). If you are a lizard, or have an appreciation for lizards, this comic is for you. If not, you’ll probably still enjoy it.

168 full-color pages; 5.75 x 8.25”; SRP: $19.99
ISBN 979-8-88620-001-0; Release date: 12/7/22

Content warning: this book contains depictions of sex, nudity, crude language, and alien violence. It is intended for readers 18+ only.


Storyboard artist Craig (OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes) doodles a fond, rambling mishmash of science fiction, giant robot action, queer romance, and psychological probing. Craig drew the book, initially with his non-dominant hand, while recovering from a repetitive stress injury, and the scribbly, bug-eyed black-and-white art has the tossed-off look of an early webcomic or ’90s zine. This spaced-out romance will baffle some readers but delight iconoclasts who like their comics rough and ready.