After years living in Texas, Ben Snakepit and his wife are excited to move to San Francisco and start a whole new adventure together. However, as the reality of the pandemic bears down only a month after their arrival, this next chapter in their lives turns out to be different than expected. Told in lo-fi daily diary comics spanning 2019-2021, Snakepit chronicles the challenges of living in lockdown, learning a new city under strange circumstances, and making the best of it.

288 B&W pages; 6″ x 9”; SRP: $24.99
ISBN 979-8-88620-020-1; Coming May 2023

“It’s a relentless diary comic with a casual style. It should be corny (he loves his partner), but it’s sincere. It should be depressing (friends die, elections, covid), but it’s optimistic. It should be full of anxiety (moving from Austin to San Francisco, health issues, theft), but it maintains an optimism that is genuine. Reading this book is like hanging out with a friend you feel lucky to have.”

Shannon Wheeler, Cartoonist, New Yorker Magazine and Too Much Coffee Man

“Ben Snakepit’s comics are genuine, true, informative, slightly stinky, hilarious, and punk as hell.”

Jim Mahfood, Grrl Scouts, Tank Girl