The go-to guide for all things zine related, this book contains everything you need to get started creating your own zines and participating in zine culture. Includes thoughtful lists and step-by-step guides on everything from definitions of a zine, where to find zines, and why zines are important.

Brand new sixth edition published by Silver Sprocket.

152 b&w pages; 4.25″ x 5.5″; SRP: $10.00;
PB ISBN: 9781945509452; Diamond: FEB201978
Hard-cover (for libraries) ISBN: 9781945509483
Published: 2019

“…invaluable advice on creating, printing and distributing ‘zines.”

–Kristen Mueller, Utne Reader

“Alex is a goddess of the zine world…this lesson is so thorough that if Portland High School taught a zine publishing class (and I’m sure this will happen soon) this will be its textbook.”

–Pocketful of Change

“You know how the first Velvet Underground record didn’t sell well, but for every copy sold a new band was formed? I keep my copy on with me at all times, if not for reference, then for inspiration.”

–Finding Datura