2013-02-20T23:36:00-08:00Feb 20, 2013|News|

Gang of helpful ogres assembling Blackbird Raum’s False Weavers vinyl. There was a whole lotta Kate Bush and Tom Waits growling.

2016-02-09T03:10:47-08:00Feb 18, 2013|News|

Hello santa cruz. We are gonna be packing up Blackbird Raums new album “False Weavers” for this show and team Sx2 will be in attendance to boogie down. It would be real good of you to come out dump a cooler of gatorade on our heads.

2016-10-27T00:55:31-07:00Dec 15, 2012|News|

We’re incredibly excited to be releasing Blackbird Raum’s new album “False Weavers” early in the coming year, but in the mean time we have these t-shirts (design by Cannon Dill) and a handful of patches and buttons.

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