New and re-stocked patches

2016-02-12T02:35:56-08:00Apr 10, 2015|News|

New patches and re-stocks, on extra soft fabric for better details and comfort while still tough enough for your most vicious jacket: “YES!” by Lindsay Watson, look at that lil’ bud go! “Jouissance” by Ferin cause they only ever want to draw aggressive naked mythological figures, here’s some vague post-structuralist/Lacanian themes for y’all. And re-stocks from Nation Of Amanda (Nap All Day, Sleep All [...]

2016-02-09T03:01:49-08:00Apr 15, 2013|News|

As You Were: A Punk Comic Anthology is now available in the webstore! $5! Honestly, there are too many mad talented artists (and great stories) to name in this issue, check it out.

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