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Presenting “Snowbird” by Erin K Wilson

2018-10-28T16:48:44-07:00Oct 28, 2018|News|

New Orleans, 2010. Erin K Wilson is trying to save the world while struggling to save herself. Using magical realism to convey complicated emotions and perspectives, Snowbird is a powerful and immersive graphic novel about navigating the anarcho-punk/activist art scene, reacting to environmental and personal devastation, racial inequality, and staying alive.

Interview with Erin K Wilson

2020-06-12T23:34:54-07:00Jul 13, 2016|Features|

The work of Erin K Wilson is so enthralling not only because of the subjects she draws and the palettes she chooses, but also because of the engaging storytelling and history contained within her art. Read on to find out more about her graphic novel, her involvement with NOCAZ, and why she put down roots in New Orleans. […]

2016-02-09T02:10:46-08:00May 29, 2014|News|

Check out these gorgeous and gigantic screen-printed posters we just got in the mail from Erin K Wilson! We are going to need a way bigger fridge…  Erin’s Snowbird comic is an incredibly powerful work of autobiographical storytelling and journalism in the New Orleans anarcho-punk/activism/arts community, with a review from Liz Prince on the back even. This book has our strongest recommendation possible, you should read [...]

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